Tiger’s Eye Bracelet



1.Start Wearing TIGER’S EYE Bracelet from Tuesday.

2.Wear it After Your Morning Bath.

3.Don’t Wear While Sleeping.

4.Energized it on the full Moon Night (POORNIMA) of every Month.


Tiger eye stone is named after the real eye of a tiger to which it resembles. The beauty of this stone grabs the attention of everyone. However, this beautiful looking bracelet contains such properties/benefits which may leave you amazed. Tiger eye has been especially used as an amulet to protect from the evil eye. Alongside, it provides a ton of healing, psychological and cosmic advantages which crown it as a divine bracelet indeed This is the stone that ignites the inner flame in humans to make them brim with boldness, brightness, and extreme patience.

  • It makes luck work for you in whatever you endeavour.
  • It makes you talented, creative & skilled.
  • Tiger Eye also brings monetary gains to the wearer and improves the financial standing. Hence, It is widely recommended for businessmen as well.
  • It gets you success – above all – satisfaction through the gained success.
  • It attracts money and improves your financial status.

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 12.6 cm


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