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About Anuranjinee Gupta

Anuranjinee Gupta is the Best Vastu Consultant, Astrologer and Numerology Expert with experience of over a decade in the field of Practice , Training and Consultancy.Anuranjinee Gupta is a Qualified Chartered Accountant as well as a Company Secretary. Despite of Brilliant Prospects in Both the Qualifications she have, She gave preference to her passion “Occult Science”. She Learnt Vastu, Astrology and Numerology From Many Mentors across the Globe. She did her research for more than a Decade on these Topics. She devoted more than 14 years of her life in learning and practicing Occult Sciences.
Over Such a Long Period she develop some uniquecourses to help mankind, she simplify Occult Science and linked these three sciences (Vastu, Astrology and
Numerology) in a very effective way to resolve all kinds of Personal & Professional Problems.