Phd in Numerology


After Completing Numerology Foundation  and Numerology Professional Course

You are eligible to do this Course.

PHD in Numerology

This Course is led by Numerology Expert (Ms. Anuranjinee Gupta) to help you learn Numerology for step-by-step Solution of any problem and Predictions For any person by seeing his or her Numeroscope. Finding Out the Issues & Then Numerology Remedies. You will be taught most effective remedies for achieving desired results.

You need not to mug or cram anything but you will absorb each & Every word Taught by Ms Anuranjinee Gupta because she explains each & Every topic very logically & her sessions are full of Examples.

After this course, you can take Numerology as a career to help yourself and others and also earn money respectfully.

You will also receive Course Completion Certificate after completion of this course.

Your Knowledge will be on Final level after Completing this Course

This is the Best Course of Numerology till Date (Which also Includes Making & Application of Golden Seal, which is taught by only few teachers of Numerology in India)  


Course Cirriculum

Class 1:          Introduction to PHD in Numerology

Class 2:          How to Choose Right Profession/Business

Class 3:          Name Correction of Business (Company Name, Product Name)

Class 4:          Future Trends (Part 1)

Class 5:          Future Trends (Part 2)

Class 6:          How to calculate Personal Year, Month & Day

Class 7:          How to calculate Life Challenges

Class 8:          Big and Small Arrows

Class 9:          Correct Signature which give you Professional Success

Class 10:        Class 10 – Foreign / Abroad Settlement & Which Country Suits you Most

Class 11:        Marriage & Partnership Compatibility

Class 12:        Love Marriage/ Arrange Marriage

Class 13:        Delayed Marriage/No Marriage

Class 14:        More than one marriage/ Dissatisfaction in Love

Class 15:        Top 5 Driver & Conductor Combination

Class 16:        Prediction Without Date of Birth

Class 17:        Visiting Card/ Website Design

Class 18 –      How to Frame Golden Seal to Magically Transform Your Life

Class 19 –      Most Effective Yantras in Numerology

Class 20 –      How to Make Numerology Report & Do Consultation in Numerology




NOTE: All our courses are hosted on a platform known as Teachable. As soon as you purchase the course, you will receive Confirmation on Your WhatsApp & Email also.SO, please make sure that you provide the correct WhatsApp number & email id



1.     How long do I have access to the course?

Answer: After enrolling, you can access the course for one year. It’s a subscription-based model, after one year you can renew the subscription @ Rs 5000 for one year. Time to time we keep on updating our courses.

  1. In how much time should I ideally complete this course?Answer: The benefit of this course is that you can complete it at your own pace and at times convenient to you but based on our experience we recommend you finish this course in 10 to 15 days max with the practice of what is being taught to you.3.     What is the best way to do this course?

    Answer: Practice, practice and practice! Whatever you learn in each chapter, just take your friend’s and family’s date of birth and start assessing. As simple as that.



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