Advance Vaastu Course


This Course is led by Vaastu Expert (Ms. Anuranjinee Gupta) to help you learn Vaastu for step-by-step diagnosis of any problem and then applying Vaastu techniques. You will be taught application of popular Vaastu remedies as well as using household objects as remedies for achieving desired results.

Each session is full of simple remedies for solving problematic Vaastu Doshas.

This Vaastu Course enables beginners to understand fundamentals of Vaastu Shastra, exploring career in Vaastu, becoming helpful for family and friends to suggest authentic Vaastu Solutions. You become eligible to do further Vaastu courses for pursuing excellence in your professional Practice.

Coverage of Course:

  1. What is Vaastu.
  2. Effect of Vaastu on mind and body.
  3. How to make a House map.
  4. How to take Accurate Degrees of any place.
  5. Use of Vaastu tools to grid your house accurately to clearly Identify the 16 zones of your house.
  6. Importance of directions and working on an accurate floor plan.
  7. How to take accurate centre of a house to analyse the correct effects of Zone
  8. What are 32 Entrance Effects in Vaastu.
  9. What are 16 Vaastu Zones and their attributes.
  10. What are effects of Toilets, Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Puja room in Vaastu Zones.
  11. What are 5 Elements and linking with Vaastu directions.
  12. How to use 16 Vaastu Techniques to treat wrong entrances, toilets, kitchen.
  13. How to manage wrong location of rooms.
  14. What are 32 Vaastu remedies and how to apply them.
  15. What is the right place to keep household and interior decoration objects.
  16. How to analyse any building plan
  17. Practical exercises on improving relationships, children education, job promotion and growth, savings and money flow.


NOTE: All our courses are hosted on a platform known as Teachable. As soon as you purchase the course, you will receive Confirmation on Your WhatsApp & Email also.SO, please make sure that you provide the correct WhatsApp number & email id



1.     How long do I have access to the course?

Answer: After enrolling, you can access the course for one year. It’s a subscription-based model, after one year you can renew the subscription @ Rs 5000 for one year. Time to time we keep on updating our courses.

  1. In how much time should I ideally complete this course?Answer: The benefit of this course is that you can complete it at your own pace and at times convenient to you but based on our experience we recommend you finish this course in 10 to 15 days max with the practice of what is being taught to you.

    3.     What is the best way to do this course?

    Answer: Practice, practice and practice! Whatever you learn in each chapter, just take your friend’s and family’s date of birth and start assessing. As simple as that.



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