Scientific Vaastu Gridding Course


Scientific Vaastu Gridding:    

This Course is led by Vaastu Expert (Ms. Anuranjinee Gupta) to help you learn Gridding of Your House. She help you to learn step-by-step Gridding and bar chart of all the 16 Zones. In this Course You will learn About 5 Elements and know them deeply.

This Vaastu Course enables beginners to understand fundamentals of Vaastu Shastra


Course Content

Class 1 – How to do this Course

Class 2 – Zones of Water Element

Class 3 – Zones of Air Element

Class 4 – Zones of Fire Element

Class 5 – Zones of Earth Element

Class 6 – Zones of Space Element

Class 7 – 32 Entrances

Class 8 – How to Take Accurate Degrees

Class 9 – Process of Gridding

Class 10 – How to mark Centre of an Irregular Plot

Class 11 – How to Make Bar Chart




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